California tries to set time frame for law enforcement certification of U Visas

The U visa is an immigration benefit that can be sought by victims of certain crimes who are currently assisting or have previously assisted law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of a crime, or who are likely to be helpful in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity.

Among California’s effort to improve the quality of life of its undocumented immigrants with a series of bills called Immigrants Shape California, California lawmakers are proposing the following U visa bill”

It would require California law enforcement to verify a victim’s cooperation within 90 days, unless the agency can demonstrate that the victim was uncooperative. If the victim is in the process of being deported, the timeframe shrinks to 14 days.

California will be the first state to mandate that law enforcement sign U-visa certifications within a certain timeline if this bill passes.

For more details see:

California advances bill to help immigrant crime victims gain visas

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