Employment Law Conflict Resolution

Mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution are very useful in solving employment law disputes.

According to The Hour, there are four main ways to resolve employment disputes:

  1.  Employer and Employee discuss the issues with attorneys present in person or via correspondence.
  2. Mediation of the dispute.  Mediation can take place at practically all stages of the dispute.  It is also advantageous because it tends to  lead to a “mutually bearable” resolution a lot faster than litigation.
  3. One can also file a claim with a government agency (EEOC, CHRO, Wage and Hour, etc.) and have the claim be investigated by such agency with or without an attorney.
  4. Via litigation (suit in court).  Litigation usually affords one the right to have their claim heard by a jury and to obtain broader rights to discovery from your adversary.

Many company’s prefer to solve disputes internally before utilizing any of the above.  Despite the collegial atmosphere this provides, if the matter is serious, consider having an attorney present whenever communicating with your adversary.

Also, across the nation it seems that 75% of all disputes mediated are resolved.  Remember that mediation involves bringing a third party neutral mediator into a dispute and relying on that person to help you and your adversary reach a mutually agreeable settlement.  Holloway Firm offers mediation services.  Consider mediation as a faster and often less expensive alternative to litigation.

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