Immigration Update 3.18

According to Think Progress the house Judiciary Committee is considering  a bill this week that includes the below:

  • Turn the civil penalty of being in the country without authorization into a criminal one, making felons out of the vast majority of the undocumented population overnight. (Secs. 315 and 316)
  • Make immigration agents out of all state and local law enforcement officials (Sec. 102), opening the door to the types of racial profiling problems that stood at the heart of bills like Arizona’s S.B. 1070.
  • Overturn state TRUST Acts,passed by states like California to limit the damages from excessive immigration enforcement on otherwise law-abiding immigrants. (Secs. 114 and 115)
  • Reinstate the problematic Secure Communities program that had been ended with the DHS directives, and pump it full of steroids: DHS would be required to detain any immigrant picked up by states and localities, rather than having the discretion to consider the merits of the individual’s case. (Sec. 108)
  • Remove the possibility of any affirmative relief, such as deferred action or withholding of removal, for many immigrants, even when they have compelling reasons, such as family unity, to remain in the country (Secs. 201 and 603).

These measures are not in line with President Obama’s November 2014 plan for Immigration and will plunge undocumented persons in the U.S. into a more precarious position.  Reach out to your representatives and implore them to spend more time on immigrant friendly immigration reforms!

For more in depth reading please check out the following sites:

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